The Art Of Writing A Great Resume

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Getting a job is an important aspect of your adult life. Without being employed there is no paycheck and no sense of purpose in your life. To get a job requires that you write a killer resume that will make a good first impression and land you an interview. What are some ways to write a great resume?

Be Free Of Errors

The biggest mistake that people make is that they will make mistakes with spelling and grammar. A few mistakes here and there probably won’t kill you, but having a lot of mistakes will make it so the hiring manager won’t even want to look twice at it. If you have poor writing skills it might be a good idea to hire a resume writing service.

Show What You Know

Your resume should list your accomplishments and what you have done at previous stops. This means that you don’t have to list every single job you have ever had, nor should you list simply what your job title was and the company you worked for. List some key accomplishments and responsibilities that you had along the way. If you were the accounting supervisor you would want to list how you helped the company save money, or how you oversaw the handling and transfer of large sums of money each day.

Don’t Be Too Cute

You want to be strictly business in your resume. Don’t try to be cute or get away from a tone of professionalism in your resume. If you want to be friendly in the interview you can do that, but you want to make sure that you stay all business when you send in that resume. Avoid buzzwords that might seem too cliche and you don’t need an objective statement either. Keep your resume to 1-2 pages if at all possible with exceptions being made for anything else that is impressive enough to extend the document.

You want your resume to show who you are as a professional. A good resume is your first impression and should really come across as well thought out and organized. If the hiring manager is convinced that you are a good fit then you will get that interview. This means that your resume needs to show why you would be a good candidate and the right fit for the job. Show what you know and make sure you are not making any silly mistakes that could possibly cost you your dream job.

Jelena DThe Art Of Writing A Great Resume

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